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Mobile Hot Wash

Pigs graduate to new barns every few weeks, and this means that their barns must be cleaned thoroughly over six times a year. Chicken barns must be cleaned once every four weeks. That’s a lot of washing; rest assured, we’ll take care of it.

Maintain your operation’s biosecurity according to government standards and regulations with our mobile hot wash service—effectively cleaning poultry barns and every kind of hog barn, year-round, across Manitoba.

We dismantle all the pens and clean them individually. Once they’re thoroughly cleaned, we clean the rest of the barn by rinsing, washing, and disinfecting. Once everything’s clean, we reassemble the pens.

We wash exclusively with a 3500 PSI pressure washer with hot water. All our trailers are equipped with boilers for instant hot water, and we use multiple cleaning products and disinfectants.

We take PED very seriously. When it comes to cleaning infected barns, we use exclusively-designated trailers, watch to ensure no cross-contamination, and store the trucks that deal with PED in an entirely separate shed.


Sewer Line Clean Out

Often when we clean barns, we’ve noticed that drainage pipes are plugged due to debris, freezing, grease buildup, or a combination of all three. Because we’re already on-site, we can fix the problem before completing the cleaning.

First, we use a blaster to make a small hole in the plugged pipe. Once we have about two feet clear, we insert a head that bores its way through. The other water holes are pointed to automatically feed the pressure through the pipe.

We take care of all types of farm drain issues. Using our high-pressure hot water equipment, we can blast those lines clean fairly quickly. We work on drains and pipes from 2 to 8 inches in diameter.

We don’t do residential cleanouts, and we don’t clear out roots.

Custom Barn Dismantle & Clean

Sometimes a barn doesn’t need just paint; it needs a custom cleaning. White Agri Service can do that.