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Serving South-Central Manitoba since 2008

Since 2008, the most discerning clientele has relied on White Agri Service to clean their barns thoroughly.

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Our Services

  • Mobile Hot Wash
  • Sewer Line Clean Out
  • Custom Barn Dismantle & Clean

What We Do


We use hot water, every time.

Our commitment to using only hot water for every wash can be seen in our trailers, each equipped with a boiler for instant hot water on the go.


We clean every nook and cranny.

We accomplish this by dismantling absolutely everything inside the barn before a wash. After cleaning, we reassemble it all.

White Agri Services is here for you

White Agri Service is here for you.

There used to be a time when you could clean your barn yourself, but with cleanliness standards rising, and with a short turnaround time before a new batch of animals re-enters your facility, you need to have your barn cleaned both quickly and well. It needs to be pristine, and it needs to be fast.