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Meet the People behind White Agri Service

In 1995, Aron Guenther and his family moved from Mexico to Manitoba, where he immediately landed a job working in barns. By the time that barn closed seven years later, he knew he wanted to stay in the industry. When White Agri Service became available, Aron jumped on the opportunity. Together with another business partner, he officially purchased the business in 2012.

Aron coasted along with White Agri Service, acquiring clients and getting busier all the time. By the time Willy Doerksen arrived on the scene, Aron was looking for a partner. Willy and his family immigrated from Paraguay to Manitoba in 2013, where he met Aron and the two struck up a friendship. In 2020, Willy officially became a partner in White Agri Service.


What Makes White Agri Service Different

It’s all about the hot water. We have eight trailers, each equipped with a boiler for instant hot water between 70-95 degrees Fahrenheit, which we use to deliver an effective deep cleaning and disinfecting service every time.

Today, several large profitable companies choose White Agri Service for our quality and efficiency, ensuring our fleet of eight trucks and trailers, alongside our 27 employees, are kept busy every day.